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Our artwork serves as a curiosity cabinet, a repository where we place ourselves within the collected fragments of our existence. Much like the rooms we inhabit, our creations become filled with impressions of our identities and experiences.


My work comprises relics and manuscripts that convey and preserve the rituals of action, sexuality, and silence, capturing both the essence of the erotic and the austere. Rooted in my Pennsylvania Dutch (German) heritage, my art draws inspiration from ancestral manuscripts detailing life, death, spiritual poetry, and house blessings.


Utilizing a blend of materials, each with its own narrative, I weave together ceramic for its fragility and coolness, felt for its capacity to evoke silence, wax for its encaustic technique symbolizing preservation, and wood for its primal origins. Through these materials, I tell my own story, layering meaning and texture to explore the depths of human experience.

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