The Reformation's 'great reduction' of everything to one-alone faith, alone the word, alone Scripture - effects coherence by causing persons to do nothing but hear. what is left to exist is a vision of oneself alone. Being unaccompanied affects one’s coherence while only giving the ability to hear. Hearing and speaking negates the contingency of person and place. - The Reformation of the Image, by Joseph Koerner


I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA.  Now I am obtaining my MFA at Tainan National University of the Arts, (Ceramics). 

What I see cannot be seen, because it is hidden. 

My current work comes from the idea of invisibility and preservation. Growing up in a Pennsylvania Dutch Lutheran home.  Lutheranism is based on the idea of not using visual icons of God, which my family’s home did not display; yet through word-based faith, a personal relationship with God was to be met every night through prayer, which showed me what invisibility looks like.


This ideology of Lutheranism has been sewn into the arts and crafts as a result of the history in the Pennsylvania Dutch community.  Within this invisibleness, I am interested in how a word-based faith represents the existence of an invisible God and its influence on my childhood self.


Although the impression of God has been imprinted inside of me through the childhood memories, the inner struggle exists: belief vs. disbelief of God, which led me to the next concept, preservation.


My preservation work is fragile heavy layered work which has failed yet however by using another material such as wax to sustain and give warmth to the work is then possible to be upheld.