The V E I L E D

To believe in something is to believe that it is true and right.


To believe in someone is to trust and have faith, to accept what they say is a fact.


As a child, I believed in what was true and pure, but as a child what was true and pure was fiction. To display this fiction is to reveal what is true.


In God, no I don’t believe, but I am bonded by an Ideology.


I am eager to know whether you believe. Do you have faith in the person next to you?  Do you not ever ponder when they will fail you? Because I am always waiting to see when that cut will appear before my eyes.


This work is the pages of my story.  Layer upon layer I have continued to repeat with high expectations of those around me. When they fail me, I shed the pages and hide them away.


Still, subconsciously I look for faith in people and purity in the world.

This imprint is what I cannot get rid of. 

© 2 0 2 1  created by Kate Strachan