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What is the pace at which you walk?  Are you keeping with time? Is your “now” time the same as the person standing next to you?  To each person time is sliced differently, as we each move to the beat of our own drummer. In the time I have spent living and observing my life here in Japan, it has been a challenge to find the rhythm in which I could keep the similar tempo as the environment around me.   I came to understand that my keeping with the clock and abiding the rules of my time-centered culture no longer assisted me, as it had once done before.  My current atmosphere is not on “clock time”, but on “event time”. Have you asked yourself what time are you on?

(The mug cups are made will a percentage of porcelain and black clay, ranging from 1% white/ 99% black to 99% white/ 1% black. Because of the mixer of both porcelain and black clay in such a large gradation each mug need to be measured for its exact percentage.)

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