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UN BOUND ED Series 2021

This installation, titled "U N B O U N D E D," marks the second installment in a series of works. Inspired by the concept of belief, I incorporated everyday primitive tools, some of which held sentimental value from my childhood home. While these tools may not be familiar to everyone in the 21st century, their practices resonate universally, allowing viewers to connect with the actions portrayed.


Each tool was meticulously crafted from wood, except for the grater, which was made entirely of ceramic, symbolizing simplicity. I then grounded pre-fired clay up into a fine powder and painted it onto each tool, emphasizing fragility and utilizing color to evoke the intangible essence of faith. Belief, when applied to action, becomes a routine embedded in our daily lives.

The installation was originally presented in a manner where a video is projected onto each tool, visually recreating the choreography of the performed actions. This immersive experience enables the audience to feel a closer connection to the tools, as they not only watch the video, but also interact with the physical objects showcased in the performance footage.

Growing up in a Lutheran household with no icons present, I aimed to convey the notion of invisibility through the mundane act of daily chores—a concept that transcends physical boundaries and can occur anywhere. This idea of boundless faith in action is encapsulated in the title "U N B O U N D E D."

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